My artwork takes pieces of the Elizabethan, Victorian, and Deco Era and mixes them with modern elements of today to create a portrait and environment that is full of life and meaning.There is a sadness in the eyes of my oils, a longing as if the relationships in each painting are incomplete, lacking a partner or lover.Some are ruling monarchs, while others are wealthy class that are alone or longing to be joined as a couple.Perhaps even some have experienced the loss of a lover as they put them to rest and move on with their lives.Most of my oils are of women, or beings that are quite androgynous and their hair usually ascends upward creating a feeling of energy and movement in each painting.Each work is produced in oil on canvas, and is not mixed with any other medium, as I have found the school and thought of the old masters to be quite intriguing. 

1st Place American Art Awards  Category Expressionism, Human Figure (2013) --"The Tudor"--  Over 18 countries competed for top honors

Winner of 3 more American Art Awards in 2014, two in Cubism, and one in Expressionism--over 51 countries entered worldwide